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The Cause Of Yellow Teeth

- Feb 05, 2018 -

1. A toothbrush too hard can cause the teeth to yellow

2. Drinking mineral water can cause teeth to yellow

3. Body calcium can cause teeth yellowing

4. Water quality problems can cause teeth to yellow

In some areas, especially in some mountainous areas, drinking too much fluoridated teeth will turn yellow due to the high fluoride content in the water, and it is not a 1-2 tooth and mouthful of yellow. Fluorine has the role of anti-caries, so these people instead of dental caries (caries).

5. Drug factors can cause teeth yellowing

Most people now know that tetracyclines can cause yellow teeth, especially in children (before age 5) taking a greater impact.

6. Hygiene habits can cause teeth to yellow

Some people do not pay attention to oral hygiene, no morning and evening brushing habits, the surface of the teeth piled up a layer of food debris, soft dirt, calculus, smoked, tea stains and so on. These "yellow teeth" are not yellowing of the teeth themselves, they are not caused by oral hygiene.