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Small Stones On The Teeth Yellow And Hard, The Dentist Taught You To Use These Few Strokes, Also Stronger Than The Teeth Cleaning Whitening

- Feb 05, 2018 -

In life, tooth stains and calculus are troublesome to many people, especially calculus and calculus, which not only affect people's beauty. And sometimes make the tone, bad breath worse. So how to solve such troubles?

Brown sugar water removal method, for this method may be rarely heard. Because in most people's hearts have been inculcated by parents, "sugar will be tooth decay" idea. Although this statement is true, brown sugar is very effective in removing tooth stains and calculus.

Orange peel removal method, orange peel not only has a strong bactericidal anti-corrosion function, but he also gives a special fragrance. Such as long-term bad breath, tooth stains or dental calculus people. Orange peel can be dried into powder. Then on each toothpaste, insist on 2 weeks or so can play a fresh breath and remove the effect of tooth stains stones.

Strawberry removal method, strawberries with a malic acid material, this ignoring acid with acid has the same purpose, whether it is for residual teeth in the cola stains, coffee stains or calculus he played well Cleaning effect.