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Protect The Teeth Small Coup! Here Are!

- Feb 05, 2018 -

● Brush teeth 2-3 times a day, time control in 3-5 minutes.

● Use a soft bristled toothbrush, brushing the gums and tongue with a soft bristled toothbrush, which is good for the gums.

● brushing gingival margin, tooth brushing, do not ignore the easy accumulation of tartar gum edge, tilt the toothbrush 45 degrees, brush from the inside to the outside, so as to prevent gum inflammation.

● The benefit of using two toothbrushes in turn and using two toothbrushes in turn is to make it possible for the other to be completely air-dried, thereby reducing the chance of bacterial growth, which is important for the health of the teeth.

● It is customary to use floss to clean the tooth gap to prevent gingivitis and calculus formation caused by food retention.

1, a cup of iron Tieguanyin after a meal

Good teeth can not do without fluoride, Tieguanyin is rich in fluoride, about 40% -80% dissolved in boiling water, easily combined with the calcium in the teeth, forming a layer of calcium fluoride on the tooth surface, play acid Anti-caries effect.

2, a toothpaste for a month

A toothpaste do not long-term use, brand, type can be changed on a monthly basis. And toothpaste use the longer, the chance of exposure to bacteria is even higher.

3, wash teeth once every six months

Tobacco and alcohol corrode the teeth, deposition of large amounts of plaque, melanin and calculus on the tooth surface. Oral experts found that men because of tobacco and alcohol and improper diet, more prone to periodontal disease, suggesting that the rate of asystole growth, every six months to a year to wash the teeth. Usually also monitor the situation of teeth, there are problems early detection. Eat more VC-type dental care food