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How To Properly Brush Teeth During Orthodontics?

- Feb 05, 2018 -

First of all, the correct brushing to choose the right toothbrush, you can choose a special orthodontic toothbrush and interdental brush.

Second, brush your teeth at least 3 times a day to make our braces particularly vulnerable to getting stuck, so brush your teeth after each meal. Each brushing should last more than 3 minutes, each tooth brushing to. There are many ways to brush your teeth, including the level of vibration method, vertical rotation method, and the same method of normal brushing. The general principle is to remove food debris in the oral cavity and plaque on the tooth surface to maintain oral health. Put on the appliance, the appliance around, especially under the arch wire, missing teeth and teeth extraction place, posterior teeth and gingival margin at the edge of these common brushing method is difficult to brush to where pay attention. If conditions permit, you can use the plaque display solution to check the effect of brushing teeth to ensure that each tooth brushing clean.

During orthodontics, brushing should pay attention to the correct brushing method, which is to use a combination of horizontal brush and brush circle brush method, brushing can not use the vertical brush method; the same time, brushing teeth but also use a suitable toothbrush, orthodontic period is good Use special orthodontic toothbrush or brush brushing the gap, and toothbrush hair hardness to moderate soft is better.