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Global Dental Equipment Market Expected To Rise To US$7.6 Billion

- Mar 12, 2018 -

Albany, New York: According to a latest market transparency report issued by a market intelligence company, the market value of the global dental equipment market in 2011 was US$5.5 billion, and the market value expected to be in 2012 to 2018 will be 4.7% compounded. Annual growth has increased significantly. This increase was mainly attributed to the tremendous advances in dental diagnostics and treatment technologies.



According to this dental market transparency study, innovative equipment such as dental lasers, for example, will have a significant boost to the growth of the dental equipment market because dental lasers can accelerate healing, reduce pain, shorten waiting time, and make diagnosis more accurate. .

In the global dental system and equipment(cheek retractor for mouth opening,light curning glasses and so on) market, the CBCT (cone-beam CT) system is expected to become the fastest growing product. Because the system can provide accurate images, better diagnostic value, and compared to traditional X-ray detection, the system can reduce the radiation that patients receive.

The research company stated that as the rising income of patients in Asian developing countries combined with increased awareness of dental protection will further promote the growth of dental equipment market. The growth of the dental equipment market in North America and Western Europe is mainly due to an aging population, and more elderly people want to retain their natural teeth.

In addition, the report emphasized that North America will continue to maintain its leading position in the dental equipment market until 2018 due to rapid adoption of advanced technologies in North America (eg, CAD/CAM technology). However, the European market is expected to show the highest growth rate (5%). Due to the low awareness of dental protection and the relatively slow acceptance of expensive advanced technologies, the dental equipment market in Asia presents a relatively slow growth trend compared to the developed dental equipment markets in North America and Europe.