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Baby How To Protect The Teeth, Those Who Do Not Know The Bad Habits To Change!

- Feb 05, 2018 -

In the diet, children should eat more natural foods such as milk, eggs, colored vegetables, more fiber, seafood, plants and fresh fruits and so on, to help children develop a good picky diet. Due to the care of parents is too fine, children's food fragmented, making the child's teeth are not fully polished and chew, resulting in the child changing teeth late, or deciduous teeth are often missing a long tooth. Often eat more rough and rich in fiber-rich foods can enhance the activity of drinking water to increase the amount of sleeping liquid secretion to reduce the residual gap in the teeth of the food, so that fungus loss of reproductive environment clean. Keep the tooth clean

To ensure the health of children's teeth, parents also need to regularly check their children's teeth. Found any abnormal teeth, have timely treatment, in order to early detection and early treatment, to prevent the continued development of dental caries to become endodontic or periapical disease. Do not wait for children to check for pain, once the child tells the toothache, most of the time is late. Under the guidance and help of science, strengthen children's self-protection of teeth and daily dental care, develop healthy diet and hygiene habits, and promote the healthy growth of children's teeth.