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2018 China (Western) International Dental Equipment And Materials Exhibition

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition theme:

The 17th China (Western) International Stomatological Association

2018 China (Western) International Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition

Exhibition time: April 25-28, 2018

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizers: Asian Dental Center (ADC), Western China Stomatology Collaborating Group, Sichuan Stomatological Association, Shaanxi Stomatological Association, Chongqing Stomatological Association, Shanxi Stomatological Association, Sichuan University West China College of Stomatology, Air Force Military Medical Officer University School of Stomatology (formerly Fourth Military Medical University School of Stomatology), School of Stomatology, Chongqing Medical University, Sino-British joint venture Hubei Good Botasus Exhibition Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch

Exhibition Introduction

The 2018 Western International Dental Exhibition (the 17th China (Western) International Stomatological Association, 2018 China (Western) International Oral Equipment and Materials Exhibition) has been successfully held in Chengdu since 2001 and has successfully entered the 17th year. It has brought nearly 1,000 leading oral medical R&D and technology, equipment and equipment, manufacturing and manufacturing services to the oral market in the central and western regions.

The exhibition highlights technical advantages and resource advantages, and promotes the development and optimization of the entire industrial chain of oral medical care in the central and western markets. It will continue to build a professional and leading academic research and exchange platform for the industry.


Why exhibit

In the fast-growing Midwestern dental care market, Western International Dental Exhibition offers you the following opportunities:

● Establish contact with professional buyers and doctors with the highest professional level and strongest purchasing power

● Announce the latest oral medical technology and product development results

● Promotion of corporate branding, promotion of new technologies/products/services, and improvement of industry competitive advantage

● Face to face with decision makers in business matchmaking activities

● Develop business opportunities in the central and western regions together with agents and distributors, with vertical potential business opportunities

● Provide a full network multi-platform marketing and promotion network for exhibitors

● Professional international exhibition service helps promote business communication with buyers