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X-ray Tube Aging And Anode Cleaning

- Feb 05, 2018 -

The new X-ray tube, which has not been used for more than 100h and has been removed from the instrument, must be aged. X-Ray tubes that have not been used for more than 24 h but less than 100 h are quickly and automatically aged.

Examining the high pressure capability of the X-ray tube, it improves the degree of vacuum inside the X-ray tube and removes the particles in the X-ray tube with lower energy. Manual aging is l ~ 3min every 5 ~ 10kV rate, from the lowest voltage, the lowest current rose to the highest voltage, the lowest current; automatic aging CPU board by the curing software to.

To avoid the beryllium window being corroded causing the ceramic X-ray tube to become air-borne and damage the X-ray tube, note the following: 1. Set the cooling water temperature above the maximum dew point temperature. 2. Keep the tube tower clean and dry, if necessary, configure the dehumidifier in the room 3. Do not open after the high-pressure water cooling system. 4. Set the standby high voltage to 50kV / 20mA.

X-ray tube anode cleaning: 1. Every work 4000h cleaning at least once. Cooling water is not clean when more frequent cleaning is required. 2. Remove the bottom of the tube and place the anode end of the tube upward. Then acetic acid (CH3COOH, l0%) or hydrochloric acid (HCl, 4%) on the anode, wait half an hour, scrubbed with water. Repeat the above process until the anode is clean.