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Why bad breath? the reason may be here

- Mar 26, 2018 -

I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered such an embarrassing experience. When your partner is happily talking to you about something, the smell coming from the mouth of TA is really making people want to retreat, but they’re afraid of a small partner. Hey, it was so hard to bear, but he dared not speak straight. In fact, this time you should tell your little friend: You should do an oral inspection!

Although the cause of bad breath is gastrointestinal factors, but you can know that oral diseases will also make you have bad breath? Especially when your teeth are fangs, your mouth is like a large garbage dump. It is not that intoxicating smell.

Although tooth decay is caused by a variety of factors that are dominated by bacteria, the fundamental reason for this is poor oral hygiene! Once you do not do oral hygiene work, do not brush your teeth after a meal, resulting in residual food residues, then the teeth will slowly decay, there will be a lot of bacteria inside the tooth cavity will continue to damage the teeth, the residue will slowly Plug into the hole. These food residues slowly decay and ferment under the action of bacteria and microorganisms, resulting in an unpleasant smell! Who do you say you have bad breath?

What should I do if I have bad teeth?


Of course it is to make up! tooth! La!

Every day we eat food, there are always some food residues left uncleaned in the teeth, and there are countless bacteria in the mouth. There are several kinds of bacteria that will digest the residue in your mouth into acidic substances when these acids When the material collects on the surface of the teeth, the teeth are demineralized, and the stones are worn by the water. To some extent, the surface of the teeth is gradually eroded to form a hole, which is called fangs. Therefore, there are really worms or other bugs in tooth decay, but the result of gradual erosion of teeth.