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Three Misconceptions in Dental Care,have you been taken in?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

As long as there is no abnormal feeling of the teeth, it means that the teeth are healthy and do not need to go to the hospital regularly for related examinations. Teeth cleaning is one of the manifestations of physical health and the pursuit of a perfect life. Through routine dental examinations and X-ray examinations every 3-5 years, it is possible to find possible problems such as concealed teeth, gums and periodontal problems, and to achieve early treatment. Waiting until the tooth feels cold and heat stimuli, such as sensitive pain, bleeding brushing, etc., the problem of dental gums may have been more serious, and even relatively complex treatments such as removal of dentition and periodontal treatment are needed. 

There is a small hole in the teeth, but neither pain nor aesthetics, so you can wait for the pain to appear.                                                                

The appearance of small holes in the teeth must be promptly treated: the pain during treatment is small, the success rate is high, and the use of dental filling materials can also obtain good aesthetic effects, and the cost of repairing the initial small cavities is only 30-150 yuan. If this tooth cavity is allowed to continue to deteriorate, and other small cavities grow up, severely affecting the tooth nerves and causing pain, the duration of treatment is long, and crown protection is needed after treatment. The duration of treatment will increase and the cost will increase a lot. And the long-term effect will be relatively lower.We produce dental mirror and other dental products for many years.                                                   blob.png                                                                                                                                                

The gingival bleeding will occur in every person, and some people will even have it every day. It is normal and there is no need for fuss to go for special examination and treatment. The

Healthy gums do not bleed when they brush their teeth and eat. If this problem occurs, it means that your gums are inflamed. Each person can have a different degree and extent of gingivitis at some time during his or her lifetime. It manifests as red and swollen gums, congestion, edema, and easy bleeding gums when brushing his teeth. This is because a large amount of plaque, soft dirt and calculus accumulate around the teeth. Plaque consists of a large number of microorganisms whose metabolites stimulate inflammation of the gums. The healthy gums are pink, tough, and even if they use a lot of force when brushing their teeth, they will not cause bleeding.