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Teach you the world's most standard brushing posture

- Mar 20, 2018 -

The first step: brush the surface first

Place the toothbrush head at an angle of 45° to the surface of the tooth, place it obliquely and gently press against the interface between the tooth and the gum.


Gently brush small arcs back and forth, brush the teeth of the upper row of teeth down and down, make sure that the surface of each tooth is brushed, and gently brush the gums;


Step 2: Brush the back of the teeth

The toothbrush is erected, and it is also placed obliquely at a 45-degree angle. The upper row of teeth is downward, and the lower row of teeth is lifted and brushed upward;


The third step: brush teeth occlusal surface

Tilt the toothbrush, perpendicular to the occlusal surface, brush back and forth with moderate force. It is recommended to choose a health toothbrush. The dynamic bristles of the health-care toothbrush can play a unique role in different parts, in-depth cleaning of the tooth surface and the gap between the teeth; a flexible and thin brush head makes hard-to-reach posterior molars clean.


Step 4: Brush the inside of the teeth

The inner surface of the teeth is most likely to be filth, and is also the most difficult place to brush. When brushing the inner surface of the upper and lower front teeth, the toothbrush should be erected and brushed along the upper and lower teeth with small arcs using the bristles at the front end of the toothbrush.


Step 5: Brush the tongue surface

Gently remove food debris and bacteria from inside to outside to keep your tone fresh.