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Peri-implantitis prevention

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Dental experts say that peri-implantitis is a key factor affecting the success rate of oral implant repair. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of peri-implantitis. According to our clinical experience, the following points are important factors in preventing peri-implantitis:

1, before surgery carefully asked the patient's medical history, over-smoking, should stop smoking, otherwise it should be carefully considered whether to plant.

2, correct the patient's side chewing habits.

3, for patients with bruxism, should be used as a relative contraindication to planting, if necessary, should allow patients to wear a mat when sleeping, beware of implant overload.

4. Patients are required to maintain a good oral hygiene status, and patients with periodontitis should be based on the combined treatment of periodontal physicians to strictly select the timing and indications for planting.

5. Unless there is a strong clinical indication, the restoration of posterior teeth should be avoided as soon as possible, especially to avoid premature weight.

6, regular scaling can prevent plaque accumulation, the general interval of 3-4 months follow-up review, the use of carbon fiber head cleaning teeth, to prevent implant surface damage.

7. When the mucosa of the implant is congested and the swelling of the gums is found, progressive blockage supportive therapy should be adopted in time to block the development of the inflammation around the implant.