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Orthodontics Lead To Loose Teeth? In Fact, Your Gingival Recession!

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Your teeth often appear sensitive, loose and other symptoms?

If so, the gums are mostly atrophied ...

Gingival recession in the end is how the matter

In fact, gingival recession is a symptom of periodontal disease, strictly speaking, can not be considered a disease name. Why gingival recession then?

The relationship between them is as closely linked as the fur, the amount and quality of alveolar bone directly relates to the height and amount of gums in the mouth. If the alveolar bone due to age, periodontal disease and other reasons to absorb too much, the gums will be the corresponding occurrence of atrophy. Its performance is that it can enclose the root part of the teeth retreat, exposing part of the root.

Once the gingival recession, the consequences of not so simple. First of all, this will affect the esthetic appearance of the patient's mouth, smile teeth toothpaste can not live, more ugly ah!