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Is it not safe to wash your teeth?

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Brushing teeth, can only remove the teeth and tongue coating on the surface of food residue plaque; dental floss, can only remove the teeth deep brushing teeth can not brush the plaque. However, even brushing the toothbrush is particularly slippery, dental floss used over veteran, the total can not stop some stubborn plaque hiding in the hidden corners secretly grow, efforts to calcification into dental calculus, a threat to oral health. Not to mention, in fact, most people simply brush bad teeth, but also almost no floss. In fact, this thing sting can hurt teeth. When still plaque, can cause tooth decay and other periodontal diseases, such as bleeding gums; such as the evolution of dental calculus, it is more likely to absorb large amounts of bacterial toxins, causing periodontal inflammation, gingival edema, eventually leading to Gingival recession, loose teeth off.