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How to treat with your rotten teeth?Pulling or Making up?

- Mar 14, 2018 -

In general, dentists do not pull teeth easily! Even if you have a terrible toothache, it depends on your tooth decay! In general, mild dental caries did not injure the teeth, and the dentist filled the teeth with resin. If you want to get a nerve, it means that you have severe tooth decay and get a root canal treatment to be a braces protector.
Why do you not advocate tooth extraction?


Do you think that true dentures can be compared with healthy teeth? No matter how good the dentures are, it feels somewhat uncomfortable to eat. Unless your teeth have been completely rotted and cannot be filled, the doctor will recommend that you remove the tooth. In fact, the most important thing is to insert teeth are particularly expensive, each fake teeth are money!
Is tooth filling so good?
It is a wise choice to make up early! Because fillings only need one step to get cavities, it's not expensive! At present, the cost of filling resin materials is the highest.
Of course, there are friends who say Tucao, make up for a period of time to get rid of teeth, in fact, you did not maintain a good late, or you went to an informal clinic.
The point is coming! How much is your tooth?
If you have a mild tooth decay, you usually have a few hundred yuan for resin filling;
If the root canal therapy is used to treat the root canal therapy instrument and infrared therapy instrument, the price is about 1,500 yuan. As for the teeth, it's even more expensive! Dental implants are nearly 10,000!
Therefore, I would like to persuade everyone that the teeth once there is tooth decay, that is, black holes, flew to fill teeth, to prevent trouble! Because the more dragged into the late, the more pain and more money!