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How to successfully anaesthetize

- Mar 21, 2018 -

1. The dryness of the tissue in the injection area should be done before the use of topical anesthetic. It can be done with cotton balls or gauze. After being dried, it is put directly into the circle of the injection point, which can play a role in blocking part of the saliva, and finally remove it together.

2, injection surface coating surface anesthetic, with a small cotton ball dipped in a place to stay there, or use a cotton swab to wipe it up directly can be, but to ensure that the drug has to contact with the organization at least 1 minute, 2 minutes is enough, and then More is also meaningless.

3, in the time period of the onset of anesthetic, can communicate with the patient and tell him to use anesthetic. Special attention should be paid to the use of words such as "rice anesthetics, Zanthoxylum, and injections of anesthetics", especially when faced with children. Whenever words like "pain and pain" are used, they are all changed to "uncomfortable."

4, surface disinfection, this needless to say, an essential part.

5, took over the nurse handed over the syringe, although the work of the anesthetic is nurses to do, but the doctor when the anesthetic as far as possible so that the syringe to avoid the patient's vision, while their own try to see if the anesthetic is smooth. At the same time, pay attention to the temperature of the syringe. If it is too cold, it is best to rub it with your hand for a while, otherwise it will increase the patient's psychological burden.

6. Establish the fulcrum of the syringe. Syringe approach: Most people are 3 fingers to get, palms up, index finger middle finger, thumb set, can be started; the correct method and recommended method is: plus the ring finger to support the syringe, 3 points Set the surface to achieve a stable effect.

7. Establish the fulcrum of the injection hand. There is still a little finger on the injection, it can be used to support the patient's chin, or a fixed place on the face. Or it is an arm that supports the patient's chest. However, you must never place your arm on the patient's arm. Because the patient is nervous and the arm may move, it is very dangerous.

8, tighten the mucosa near the injection point, because the needle tip encountered the least resistance, if it is a soft mucous membrane it is easy to bring in, equal to lengthen the needle stroke.

9. Adjust the needle bevel face to the bone surface, gently and accurately enter the needle.

10. At the same time, start a small amount of injection of anesthetic and try to ensure that the liquid is in front of the needle tip. At this time, a small cotton ball can be used to absorb more anesthetic, so that patients do not feel bitter mouth.

11. After a very small amount of injections, wait a while and no longer enter the needles. You can rub the mucous membranes, or softly soothe the patient, or you can directly withdraw the needle and leave the chair. So the patient would think that the hemp has finished, but he did not feel anything. He would be pleasantly surprised and would make the customer feel less afraid.

12, about 10 seconds later, and then into the needle, if it is 2 times the needle, you can make a loud guarantee, absolutely no pain.

13, 2 needle into the periosteum, or to maintain the drug before the needle, do not hurry to the periosteum, wait a minute, and then push a little extra medicine, and then fully into the needle, into the subperiosteal, slowly push the drug. It takes a minimum of 2 minutes or more to complete the injection from the time it is inserted into the mucous membrane.

14. Slowly withdraw the needle and then immediately put the plastic cap over the needle.