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How to protect teeth

- Mar 29, 2018 -

For children

1, reduce or eliminate pathogenic stimulants, stick to brushing and gargle.

2, reduce or control the sugar in the diet, develop the habit of eating snacks and drinking beverages, do not eat sugar before going to bed, usually eat as much as possible coarse grains.

3, to make the pit and fissure sealant to enhance the ability of the teeth to resist warts, without affecting the premise of dental tissue, with a layer of special material coated on the surface of the teeth, forming a protective film, to prevent foreign bacteria, food debris and other invasion.

For adults

1, to develop a good oral hygiene habits, brush your teeth sooner or later, gargle after meals to reduce the accumulation of food residues and fermentation, reduce the formation of plaque.

2, pay attention to adjust the diet structure, the thickness of the food should be appropriate, eat more fiber-rich vegetables, fruits and so on.

3, regular dental cleaning, and at the same time every six months to the hospital for oral examination once to early detection of tooth decay, timely treatment.