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Gap teeth how to do? 5 ways to solve large tooth gap

- Feb 05, 2018 -

1, dental correction

If the tooth gap larger, you can use the correct method to close the gap. Orthodontics not only solve the problem of beauty, but also does not hurt the teeth at all. As for the treatment of time, if only simply close the gap, orthodontic treatment does not take a long time, usually a few months to complete the entire course of treatment.

2, porcelain crown

Porcelain crown repair treatment time is short, experienced doctors close the gap after the treatment is not a problem, but the original tooth needs to be worn away, and if the original gap is large, the porcelain crown will need to be accordingly To do wide, beautiful and poor results.

3, self-locking bracket orthodontic

Correction of dental gap can be less than 6 months time. For adolescents and adults more thought better, work and study correct.

4, dental veneer

The method is imported from abroad, and the method is limited to people with large teeth joints.

5, the United States crown

Now many dental hospitals have adopted new technologies, its appearance realistic, natural color, compatibility is very good.