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Denture care steps

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Denture care boxes are designed to store removable dentures to facilitate cleaning and soaking of movable dentures.

To scientifically correctly solve the problem of denture care, oral experts summed up the denture care methods, boils down to three words:

(1) "Pick":

In order to maintain oral hygiene and avoid gum injury, dentures should be cleaned after meals. Denture should be taken off before going to bed denture care box to preserve, in order to maintain oral mucosal health.

(2) "bubble":

Cleaning dentures with clean tablets can be used, do not use hot water, alcohol soaking, so as not to aging deformation. Remove dentures every night before going to bed, into the amount of cold water, into a denture clean sheet soaked.

(3) "sticky":

If the false teeth and oral fit instability, easy to wear gums, breeding bacteria, affect the health of the diet, the use of denture powder and other professional products, so that dentures and oral fit close, chewing comfortable.